About Givt

Our mission: Inspire the world to re-think the power of our presents.

Givt Giving Around The World

Our Purpose

Life is full of gift-giving occasions: birthdays, holidays, weddings, just because. But what does all this gifting really get us, except a bunch of stuff we don’t need? What if we spent our gift dollars sending something beautiful, and making the world a better place at the same time? That’s Givt.

Our History

Givt was started by a few friends who saw world-changing potential in the generosity of some of our happiest moments.

The Inspiration

“Christmas 2016 was fast-approaching, and I was thinking about the long list of people I’d need to buy presents for. I thought to myself, ‘I wish I could send a beautiful card to let my loved ones know I was thinking about them, and make a donation at the same time.’ After all, I’d already been an active donor in non-profits like UNICEF, Save the Elephants, and Africare, and I couldn’t escape the thought of just how much impact could be made with all of these gift-giving dollars. But I couldn’t find anything like that. So, I started working on Givt.

I told Justin and Roderick about the idea, and they were into it. As it turns out, they’d had similar thoughts, but just didn’t think there was a way to do anything about it. But they were in. The rest is history!”

-Jamie Rodriguez, Givt co-Founder

Our Values

Progress We believe that each day provides us with a unique opportunity to improve. At Givt, we know that a collective focus on progress can enact positive change for the world around us.

Integrity Honesty and transparency serve as our guiding light along this journey. We are genuinely focused on creating impactful results and lasting contributions that benefit all of us.

Kinship Our passion lies within the bond created by our shared origins. Earth is the canvas that unites us and we will work diligently to align the interests of humans, animals, and our environment to the benefit of all.

Quality We are driven to provide products that ignite the senses, that awaken compassion, and that evoke the spirit of a time when detail and craftsmanship were of the utmost importance.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get Givting.