Why Givt?

Why send a Givt?

A Givt is good for everyone

When someone sends a Givt, that represents a symbol of change. A change toward a more progressive era of gift-giving in which every precious moment of celebration carries with it the potential to make the world a better place. Together, we can make giving the gift of the 21st Century.


Every card design in our shop is a unique piece of art, created by a world-class graphic artist just for Givt. From designers and artists like Steve Wolf, Lauren Griffin, Jessica Crowell Astrella, Jay Master, and our co-founder Jameson Rodriguez, you won’t find any of our designs anywhere else. Additionally, all of our cards are printed on 100% renewable cotton paper. Simply put, these are the finest personalized letterpressed greeting cards in the world.

Letterpress craft

Letterpress printing is the original printing process, going all the way back to Johannes Gutenberg. It’s the ultimate craft printing, and the quality can be felt. Run your fingers over the face of a letterpressed greeting card and you’ll feel that the art really lives in the surface of the paper. And your loved one will too.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get Givting.